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India Against Corruption ("IAC") is a people's organisation affiliated to the Hindustan Republican Association which was founded on 3 October,1924 at Kanpur (United Provinces). The IAC movement today is an apolitical, secular, socialist, Republican, conservative movement whose ideology is Hindutva. (NB: Hindutva is an ancient inclusive way of life inherently capable of harmoniously accommodating all faiths, religions and beliefs or non-beliefs).

PUBLIC NOTICE: This is India Against Corruption official website for USA

  1. Shri KB "Anna" Hazare was never a part of the India Against Corruption andolan. IAC has never supported the demand for a Lokpal. IAC firmly opposes any Lokpal(s)
  2. India Against Corruption does not permit any usage of its name(s) and title(s) in connection with the 2010-2013 LokPal Bill agitations. All authors and reporters should use "2011 anti-corruption movement" etc. instead of "India Against Corruption" to describe those events.

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IAC Mumbai activists in the media.

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IAC Mumbai

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IAC(Mumbai) with IAC-HQ where it all started (CIC).

History and background of "India Against Corruption"

The name of "India Against Corruption"  is closely and indelibly continually associated since 26 February 2007  with (and vests in) Mr.Sarbajit Roy (National Convenor) and Mr. Veeresh Malik (Co-Convenor), supported by a core team ('aka' "Core Committee") of eminent Free Speech activists in India located in several widely separated States of India.  Recently on 04 September 2013 eminent activist Mr.Chanderkant J. Karira is also nominated as an IAC  Co-Convenor.

2) That the IAC "movement" originated on 26 Feb-2007 when a motley group of RTI activists ** assembled outside CIC office at Delhi in adversarial circumstances triggered by Arvind Kejriwal's illegal tent, but agreed to do something together for the national good as "India Against Corruption", which name was proposed on the spot by IAC's National Convenor. The IAC movement was exclusively taken forward by Sarbajit Roy and Veeresh Malik along with "Humjanenge" activists when some founders dropped out.

  • ** Lokesh Batra, Sarbajit Roy, Manish Sisodia, Shekhar Singh, Rekha Koli, Arvind Kejriwal, Veeresh Malik, etc., the previous day eminent RTI experts Gita Dewan Verma, Rajinder Singh, Chaudhury Inderjit Singh, Chaudhury Hoti Lal etc. were also present to subscribe and found the IAC.

3) That in the year 2010, the IAC leadership made modest donations to a registered public trust "Public Cause Research Foundation" ( to conduct a modest anti-corruption publicity campaign (in name and style of "India Against Corruption") to educate the masses after the conclusion of the Commonwealth Games 2010 in New Delhi on 14.October.2010 and to thereby circulate evidence of widespread corruption in these Games gathered by IAC. The financial details of the aforesaid arrangement "PCRF has also taken up a new activity namely "India Against Corruption" are accessible in the public domain and also reflect in the audited accounts of the PCRF. The campaign was so popular that large sums of money later came to be deposited from large business and industrial houses into PCRF's account under the accounting activity head "India Against Corruption" while many ordinary citizens all over India volunteered as unpaid workers for the anti-corruption cause and the local campaigns which sprang up "spontaneously" using social media.

4) The main promoters of the PCRF (ie. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Manish Sisodia) being Free Speech activists  were quite well known to the promoters of IAC since long before 2007. On 9.Dec.2010 when the IAC came to know that PCRF (on 1.Dec.2010 and 7.Dec.2010) had enlarged the scope of their publicity campaign to include some mischievous outside "anti-corruption" campaigns and dubious NGO's under IAC's banners and name, the IAC expressly communicated to M/s. PCRF (then acting as the "Secretariat" for the pan-Indian anti-corruption platform) that IAC's martyrs, banners and name should not be associated with independent causes (such as for "Jan Lokpal Bill" or "Return Black Money" campaign of M/s. Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev respectively brought in by PCRF) not linked to CWG-2010. Due to some differences within PCRF (specifically their Trustee Ms. Kiran Bedi who involved Anna Hazare and was a vested interest effectively acting as Anna's PR agent) the PCRF could only accede to IAC's demand from 6.Feb.2011 onwards.

5) That on 05 April.2011 at New Delhi, Mr. Anna Hazare's staff objected to the display of IAC's revolutionary banners (independently put up by one "Baba Ramdev" Bharat Swabhiman Trust) at Mr.Hazare's fast venue and disrespectfully caused these banners with HRA images of Netaji Subhash Bose, Shahids Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad etc. over the HRA marching slogan "Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai, Dekhna hai zor kitna baazu-e-qaatil mein hai" (Revolution's desire is now in our hearts. Lets see how much strength our executioner's arms have. ) to be torn down because their television media managers were suggesting that such bold banners detracted from their careful media positioning of Anna as a so-called "Gandhian".

(NB: IAC's logo, which was also torn down, can be seen strung on the left side wall immediately under the bottom left corner of Baba Ramdev's banner in this (C)opyrighted private image from IAC's Core Committee archives.)

6) The veteran socialist leader Sharad Yadav (in pic. above where Arvind and Kumar Vishwas are introducing him as Sharad Pawar), outside whose party office the protest was taking place, was also abused and heckled by Anna's "Team" that day who misled the crowd that he was "Sharad Pawar" who was named to the Lokpal Bill Drafting Committee.

7) That all these endearing episodes caused IAC to lodge (the same evening) a Police Complaint against Mr.Anna Hazare and Ms.Kiran Bedi for sedition and anti-national activity which was promptly acknowledged by Special CP of Delhi Police. In these circumstances, Mr. Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal Bill campaign was henceforth known as "Team Anna". IAC has never had any dealings with Sh. Anna Hazare who never had any permission to use IAC's name, trademarks and logos for his campaigns.

8) That with effect from 26 November 2012 the PCRF promoters launched a political party "Aam Aadmi Party" and all PCRF's non-financial assets generated for the aforesaid "India Against Corruption" campaign are exclusively with us and with nobody else. That PCRF seems to be non-functional as a Trust thereafter due to some politically motivated criminal cases being lodged against its main founding Trustees, and hence its latest audited accounts till 31.03.2013 are not known to the public or to IAC.

9) On 02 November 2012 IAC National Convenor established the website "" to be the official website of IAC. For legal reasons the previous website "" (it is registered in USA) is mutually disabled as IAC does not want to take on its associated liabilities. The official website of IAC is also "" which was recovered on 6.Dec.2013 from a cyber-squatter and is now the IAC's preferred information website. Another such recovered domain is "" as IAC will be filing cases against US bodies who are blatantly anti-Indian.

10) Shri. Anna Hazare has no direct role to play in IAC's affairs,and IAC has never supported his Jan Lokpal Bill demand and its connected activities. IAC's views about the persons who control Mr. Hazare today is well known, and IAC does not endorse any political actions by Shri Hazare or activities of any political party including any of our friends formerly in IAC.

11) "India Against Corruption" is today an apolitical, secular, socialist, Republican, conservative, Hindutva movement working for the national good. (NB: Hindutva is an ancient inclusive way of life inherently capable of harmoniously accommodating all faiths, religions and beliefs or non-beliefs).

IAC movement  "Code of Conduct" (dated. 29.March.2008)
  1. The IAC movement and agitations shall be conducted peacefully.
  2. The IAC movement is inclusive, transparent and democratic. Every community regardless of religion, caste, language, region, culture, sex, age, profession, economic strata, etc. is encouraged to participate in the movement and all shall be treated equally.
  3. The IAC movement is completely secular. Hindustan's salvation requires people from all faiths and religions coming together.
  4. The volunteers should work in the spirit of selfless service and sacrifice for the country, and without expectation of money, name, fame, recognition, etc. for oneself.
  5. The "India Against Corruption" andolan is a people's movement, a collective expression of the people of India fighting against corruption and developing efficient communications to network better. Volunteers in the movement do so as citizens of India with a burning desire to do something for their country.
  6. Volunteers should work with a feeling of brotherhood and avoid conflicts within a group or across groups which can be exploited by corruption's forces to divide IAC's fellowship. Accordingly, the andolan's organisers shall publicly circulate and thereafter publish this code of conduct, along with the Charter of the IAC movement and the IAC Manifesto of the individual agitations to be launched, as soon as possible and all volunteers and participants shall be morally bound to honor them on pain of summary expulsion from the andolan
  7. The IAC is strictly an apolitical movement, Members or adherents of any political party must  delink themselves from the movement. IAC volunteers will restrict their comments for or against any political party, or candidates for political office. (Amendment dt. 25.Dec.2012)
  8. That no IAC volunteer shall raise funds or donations in the name of IAC, or misuse the national emblems such as India's tricolor. (Amendment dt. 04.Sep.2013)

Misuse of public money should be stopped

Government is already spent lacs of crores rupees in Air India and now is spending more 1,50,000 crore of rupees ($30 bn) in developing airports.

Airport travelling was never affordable for common people except when air deccan was operating under leadership by Capt. Gopinath. With high airport service charges, additional development fees and various taxes it way beyond reach of general public.

Airline travel is only affordable to wealthy and rich and is used for travelling with needs to do commercial deals by Corporates or leisure activities by wealthy. There is no benefit to general public and more over the money would be distributed leniently to corporates working on the project with the actual execution cost in multiples of estimated cost.

Blatant misuse of public money by corrupt practices.

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